Blemsih Removal Services

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Range of Blemish removals

Cosmetic Blemish Removal
As we age, we can be prone to various cosmetic blemishes. Using a technique called diathermy some of these blemishes can be removed with a fine probe by heat, desiccation or coagulation.

Red Facial Veins

Are broken capillaries often found on the nose and cheeks. As we age the small blood capillaries in our skin lose their elasticity and can permanently dilate. This can be hereditary or through lifestyle choices. This treatment is not suitable for darker skins and should give a 60 – 80% improvement.

Spider Naevi
Are a vascular blemish just like red facial veins, though these are usually due to trauma such as glasses marks on the bridge of the nose or from squeezing the skin when picking spots and blackheads.
Blood Spots
Also known as Campbell De Morgan spots. These are another type of vascular blemish, where the blood concentrates in one small area. These are usually found in the over 40’s age group and are more commonly found on the trunk of the body and can vary in size. Often genetic, they can be caused by physical trauma or sun damage.
Skin Tags

Are benign growths usually found in areas of friction like armpits and neck. They can vary in size and colour.


Are raised white blemishes lying under the skin, usually on the face. There are various causes and are often found in dry skin, high cholesterol diets, excess vitamin C, and the use of very rich skin care products.

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